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Dalpiaz-Internship Reseach

This is an unpaid internship. Interns are responsible for housing and expenses.
LOCATIONS: New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, London, Toyko, and Beijing
Spring-Jan. to May (Student arranges exact start and end date)
Summer-June to August (Full time over the course of ten weeks)
Fall-Sept. to Dec. (Student arranges exact start and end date)

Fall and spring applicants are accepted on rolling basis. The summer program selects and assigns students on a first-come, first-serve basis; summer applications will not be accepted after Feb. 28th of each year.

DUTIES: Internship duties can include logging tapes, coordinating scripts, research, preliminary interviews, assisting during shoots, selecting footage, answering viewer mail and clerical duties.

Must be attending an accredited college and have achieved junior or senior status.
A variety of majors qualify including Journalism, Broadcasting, Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, English, Political Science and more.
Mush have good computer skills, excellent written and verbal communication abilities and knowledge of current events.
A 3.0 GPA or above is recommended. Students must be able to meet the minimum time commitment.
Students are required to provide official documentation on school letterhead confirming that they will receive credit for the internship. This documentation must be on file prior to start date.

Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles offices: These bureaus cover new stories in the southeast and west coast region of the United States. Intern duties include assisting producers and correspondents for Evening News, Early Show, Weekend News, Sunday Morning and other CBS News programs. Interns will do research, help set up stories, log tape, attend press conference and do other various tasks. The ideal candidate must be a good researcher, a self-starter, ambitious and have good writing and verbal communication skills.

London office:This is the CBS Broadcast Center in Europe, which is the hub of all international coverage for CBS NEWS broadcasts. Inter duties include accompanying camera crews into the field for interviews, breaking news and research. Interns are expected to monitor local news programming in London and to assist producers and correspondents in compiling research for stories for the CBS Evening News, Weekend News, The Early Show and Sunday Morning programs. A keen sense of international news is essential, as is a good sense of human. Interns must have the ability to work under pressure during breaking news stories.

Beijing/Tokyo offices: These bureaus cover news stories in that region. Intern duties include research, logging tapes, translating/transcribing video, light clerical work, pitching story ideas and working with producers, correspondents and crews. Tokyo students must be fluent in Japanese; some Mandarin language skills are helpful for Beijing. Strong candidates who do no speak Chinese will be considered. All students must have good written and verbal communication skills and basic knowledge of computer programs like Word and Excel.

Application Instructions:
To apply, please submit an application resume, two letters of recommendation, letter of credit from your university, school transcript and a one-page essay on why you want to work in broadcast journalism to
Katie Curcio
Internship Coordinator
524 West 57th St.
New York, New York 10019
FAX: 212-975-6699
To obtain an application, please email a request or download it at

HBO INTERNSHIP-Cable/Broadcast Television Networks, Film Production and Distribution, Television Program Production and Distribution

Location: Los Angeles

Requistion Number: 73282BR

Interns must be enrolled in a collegiate program and academic credit must be received for the internship. Internship are available year-round in various departments including Film Development and Production, Television Development and Production, Legal, Casting, Media Relations, Finance and Participations and Residuals.

Internships are varying in length by interns must work a minimum of 20 full days.

If possible, specify in what area and what semester you are interest in applying for.

Deadlines:none, rolling application deadline
No contact person.
Submit resume and cover letter at^4VlQFAQJMI5rnMG4p0GsaS9CsgXMz4DSrHvY_slp_rhc__slp_rhc_eFUs73bMSsOCUIzNI0sZ64_slp_rhc_i88FbWFjXJz3kYH_C_R__L_F_Crh3a7i6mcdwsouyrv5rkR16nyzsXuc=&jobId=370148&type=search&JobReqLang=1&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=36&JobSiteInfo=370148_36&GQId=0

Doctors without Borders Press Intern

Location: New York, New York, responsible for accomodation

Spring-Feb 2 to May 1
Deadline Jan 9
Summer-June 1-Aug 14
Deadline April 15
Fall-Sept 14-Dec 11
Deadline Aug 1
Application accepted on rolling basis

20 hrs/wk
Paid: $10.00 hr

Objective: To lessen the workload of the communications staff while providing a practical learning experience to a student interest in humanitarian aid and advocacy and public relations.

Overview: The Communications Departs of Doctors without Borders works to expand awareness of the humanitarian crises and endemic health problems in developing countries that our medical teams address in the field. Public awareness is built through three primary means: active and reactive press work; publication produced in-house, including our quarterly newsletter and website; and public education activities such as interactive exhibits, speaking events, screening, and the creation and distribution of teaching tool and curriculums.

The Press Intern will work closely with the Press Officer and Communications Assistant, offering day-to-day research support and meeting project-based needs as they arise. As a valued member of the Communication department, the Press intern will be centrally involved in the department's attempts to bring Doctor's without Borders advocacy messages into the media. He or she will have ample opportunities to learn about public relations through direct experience and humanitarian medical aid through osmosis. The position is ideal for a student interested in both humanitarian aid and public relations or journalism.

Duties: The Press Intern will be expected to perform the following tasks:
Media research and daily monitoring of coverage (30%)
Updating and maintaining the press office's media contacts (30%)
Supporting media projects as they arise in response to developing humanitarian news stories (helping to organize press conferences, etc.) (20%)
Tracking and filling Doctors without Borders news clippings (15%)
Putting together a tri-annual "media highlights" kit (5%)

Skills: Ability to work independently on a number of separate, simultaneous task. Familiarity with US television and print media. Proficiency in writing and internet research. Working knowledge of Word and Excel. French or Spanish a plus.

Email Resume and Cover letter:
Subject Line- press intern-term

No phone call or question regarding application status.
No contact person.

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